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Denmark Food


Food & Drink in Denmark

Denmark relishes you with variety of dishes. Traditional Danish food centres on meat and fish, served with potatoes and another, usually boiled, vegetable.

(morgenmad) can be the tastiest Danish meal, and almost all hotels offer a sumptuous breakfast as a matter of courseas do youth hostels: a table laden with cereals, bread, cheese, boiled eggs, fruit juice, milk, coffee and tea for around 40kr. Breakfast elsewhere is less substantial, although brunch, served from 11am until early afternoon, is a filling option for late starters consisting of variations of American, English, French or Australian breakfasts for 40-70kr. Later in the day, a tight budget may leave you dependent on self-catering.

You can find an excellent-value lunch (frokost) simply by walking around at lunchtime and choosing from the signs chalked up outside a café, restaurant or bodega (a bar which sells no-frills food). You'll often see the word tilbud, which refers to the "special" priced dish, or dagens ret, "dish of the day" - a plate of chilli con carne or lasagne for around 50kr. A three-course set lunch will cost you about 80-100kr and open buffets where you can help yourself to as much as you like will set you back 60-80kr.

Although you can buy booze much more cheaply from supermarkets, the most sociable places to drink are pubs and cafés, where the emphasis is on beer. There are also bars and bodegas, in which, as a very general rule, the mood tends to favour wines and spirits and the customers are a bit older. The cheapest beer is draught beer (Fadøl), half a litre of which costs 30- 45kr. Draught is a touch weaker than bottled beer, which costs 20-30kr for a third of a litre, and is a great deal less potent than the export beers ( Guldøl or Eksport-Øl ) costing 25-35kr a bottle.

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