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Denmark Transportation


Transportation in Denmark

The public transport system in Denmark is well organized and efficient.

Denmark is one of the countries where most people use the bicycle as a means of transportation. In general, cyclists have good conditions with many bicycle tracks in the towns as well as beautiful tracks all over the country. It is common to go to work by bike, and you can buy special bicycles with room for 2-3 children.

The car is, however, the predominant means of transport, and it is easy to drive in Denmark. The infrastructure is highly developed and well signposted. The number of motorways, expressways and highways is large compared to the size of the country and the number of inhabitants.

EU/EEA nationals can use their driving license in Denmark , while other nationals must convert their driving license if they establish permanent residence in Denmark.

Airs: The national airlines are SAS (SK) and MAaelig;rsk Air (DM). The major carriers are SAS and British Airways.

Copenhagen is 8km (5 miles) southeast of the city. A new rail link between the airport and main railway station in Copenhagen has facilitated travel to the city. There are also high-speed intercity trains to Funen and Jutland with additional connections to Malmø ( Sweden ) on a 30-minute journey via the Øresund link. There are also regular bus services from the airport departing every 10 to 20 minutes.

Buses: With the Danish coaches and busses, you can get from one end of the country to the other. Often it is quicker to take a long-distance bus than taking the train, because the connection often has fewer stops and goes directly from one destination to the other.

Ships: Denmark is of course a country made up of lots of islands - and you'll soon experience this first hand when you go island hopping. The large islands are now all linked by bridges - and we've even managed to build a bridge to our neighboring country, Sweden. A ferry trip makes for a great break during an excursion, and on many ferries you can bring your car, caravan or bike. At the local tourist office you can find out more about secludes and prices on the different routes along with information about ship connections in Djursland.

Highways: The Danish roads are among the best in the world. The towns in Denmark are often connected by roads going straight from one town to the other and by smaller roads, with less traffic, making them suitable for cycling. Motorways are found in most parts of the country free of charge. Only the motorways crossing the Great Belt Bridge and the Oresund connection require payment.

The E-numbers of the Danish motorways are adjusted to the European E-road number system, making the road numbers correspond across boarders.

Railroads: Even the remotest parts of Denmark are linked by railways, and the train offers easy and comfortable transport between the regions. Combining the rail and bus services is also very simple, as your train ticket extends to your continued journey on a bus. Frequent departures of trains are from Copenhagen Main Station to major surrounding cities. The Coast Line serves stations along the Danish Riviera as far as Helsingør (Elsinore) three times an hour - at 10-30-50 mins past the hour from Central Station. Inter-City TrainsAnd other express trains (IC-trains) run every hour at 52 mins past the hour from Mon-Sat: 5.52am-7.52pm , Sun; 6.52am-8.52pm on most major routes to Funen and Jutland.

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